The Incredible Hulk XXX
The Incredible Hulk XXX
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The Incredible Hulk just got a little more Incredible!!!!  The Incredible Hulk XXX: A Porn Parody is now available for your viewing pleasure! 

This film really should have been titled “The Incredible Fuck!”  Who doesn’t want to see a big green monster go to town on a hot woman?  Sign me up!  Everyman desires to have an alter ego—but how about an alter ego juiced out and an incredible fuck!  It was always a wonder how The Hulk transformed and essentially—“hulked out” and his pants still stayed on—bulging package and all.  Well, in this version the pants don’t stay on, rightly so!  That bulging cock bursts out of his zipper and is ready to take out his sexual frustration out on any pussy that provokes him—don’t worry these cum boxes enjoy every minute of it!  Okay, now I know that was a bit vulgar and graphic, in turn, I must say that women do enjoy porn with a plot.  Look, it is very simple.  If you want to get laid you must start with a porn parody.  It will get your girlfriend hot and bothered and on top of you quick!  Women like to suck and fuck too.  Don’t you forget it!

In the Incredible Hulk XXX: A Porn Parody, David Banner played by Dale DaBone is a sexually frustrated scientist who looks to uncover the hidden secrets of—you guessed it—the orgasm!  How will he do it?  What will he uncover?  Well, it looks like he will do it!  And he will uncover some hot pussy in the process—don’t forget this is still porn!  This film actually does have a story line that you will enjoy even though you are anticipating the next sexual encounter!  All the sexual tension is priceless!  Anyway, something goes awry and an explosion (not that kind!) takes place— and he is exposed to deadly gamma radiation that alters his genetic makeup and increases his sex drive to make him extremely horny!  Every time he becomes angry or provoked he turns into—THE INCREDIBLE HULK with a voracious sexual appetite!  He works closely with his female hot assistant Lily, whom he has an erotic encounter with.  A disaster happens and everyone thinks the Hulk is dead.  However, The Hulk, also known as—Dr. Banner survives the accident and he decides to let everyone continue to think he is dead.  He does this because he cannot contain the incredible erotic spirit that inhabits him!  The beast must play, don’t keep that pussy away!  Raaaarr!!!

This parody is inspired by the 1970/80’s The Incredible Hulk television show.  B. Skow directs The Incredible Hulk XXX: A Porn Parody.  Skow includes many vintage time period touches from the 70’s and 80’s like clothing, cars, and early computers.

What can you expect from this big XXX film debut of The Incredible Hulk?  Cumshots, girl on girl, threesomes, and well pretty much everything your cock desires!  This is a must see!  View it now! Everyone will be talking about it for years to cum!

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